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Published February 24, 2012 by michaela1579

im in love!! ❀ ❀


How could something so small mean so much!?!

Published February 20, 2012 by michaela1579

Isnt it nice when you receive a small gift and it could mean the whole world to you? Or if someone tells the three words everyone wants to hear it could mean just everything! You never know what it would mean to someone if you show them a little kindness! Like, the moment a man gets on his knee and asks a women to marry him…that instant the women (no matter who it is) is going to feel like the mostΒ  wanted and beautiful women in the world! …On the other hand if a boy gives a girl a flower or candy for Valintines or for no reason.. that girl is going to remember that forever! When your parents, grandparents, or that special someone tells you they love you….nobody could forget that!! Remember not to back down from doing something kind to another person!! It could mean the world!! keep reading …..share your thoughts!!!!….Be hard Be strong .. but always BE INSPIRED!! πŸ™‚ImageImageImageΒ Β Β  YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IT WOULD MEAN TO SOMEBODY!!! :))) ❀


Drives me CRAZZYY~~~!

Published February 17, 2012 by michaela1579

There are many things that drive me crazy and the thought that we have a “Status Quo” drives me insane!!!!!! My personal belief is that it was literally invented in order to have people feel inferior about themselves…UNLESS your popular!! people need to get over themselves! Just because you smart or AKA nerd doesnt mean you cant hangout with a jockey!! ANd just because your a cheerleader (in my opinion a serious jackbutt diva) doesnt mean you get to make other girls feel bad about who they are!!! That is SICKK!! i dont know where i would be on the pyramid but i wouldnt want to live my life just to get higher on it!! Just dumb!! If your a jock,cheerleader,music geek,nerd,or just normal….IT DOESNT MATTER!!!! be who you are because that person (i GURANTEE) will be a better person than than the fake version of you created by this stupid status quo!!!! stay tuned!! Be Yourself!!!!! ……tell your opinions!! …Be Hard Be Strong!! …..#BEINSPIRED πŸ™‚


Published February 17, 2012 by michaela1579

I hate how people think that their inferior just because they are single!! You are a strong person! You dont need a guy/girl to “complete your life!! Although if and when you find someone you need to watch out for the jerks/sluts!! Look for someone who listens to you!! Dont be with someone just for the physical crap!!! Why not have the crazy romantic image everybody dreams about!!!?? Its not a fairytale…it happens! Never give up and never settle for less than you deserve because you are a strong and independant person!! Stay tuned AND…always ….always be yourself. and as always BE INSPIRED! πŸ™‚