Celebrity time!! :)

Published February 16, 2012 by michaela1579

Todays celebrity: Justin BIeber. JB has many haters, but i have know idea why! You may be able to tell me??? he loses fans just because he cut or dyed his hair??? People dont like that hes dating selena gomez???  I must admit i am a belieber as they would call it! The guy is so good to his fans and he has a heart of gold!! some people say its publicity stunts when he does charity or whatever. They maybe true but at least hes doing it!! I mean gosh people he flew a six year old girl to NY just so he could meet her and play games with her for to hours! (on his day off!) Hes always doing things for his fans!……People say the only reason why hes dating Selenea Gomez is to prove hes not gay! …seriously?? thats none of our business! In my personal opinion any guy who would rent out a movie theater or give them a pretty ring for V-day is not gay! Just in love!……In other matters he signed Caryly ray Jepsen to his label which i must admit im pretty excited about!! So whats your opinions???? Do you like JB?…If so Why do you like him? Is it because he can sing or you just think hes hot!? Do you like Jelena? Well more comin but in the mean time BE INSPIRED! stay tuned and read my blog! 🙂


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