Published February 16, 2012 by michaela1579

Whitney Houston… a world famous pop star dies! ..Officials are trying to figure out cause of death, but personally i think it was drugs! What is it that posses celebrities to overdose??? Elvis Presly, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston are just a few!! I know that the life of a pop star is stressful, but why go to desperate measures!? I didnt know who she was, but i do know one song that sh sung..’I Will Always Love You’! What is your take on her death?? Some people, at first, thought she drowned. And the experts say that celebs sometimes put the meds in there assistants names! should that be legal? And when thats gone they sometimes resort to get illegal drugs and put them in the prescription bottles? Dont you think that the government should put a stop to this?? More and more on going to die like this if they  dont do anything! Money shouldnt be a reason to give someone their death certificate! stay tuned and always BE INSPIRED! Always share your opinions! they matter!


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