How could something so small mean so much!?!

Published February 20, 2012 by michaela1579

Isnt it nice when you receive a small gift and it could mean the whole world to you? Or if someone tells the three words everyone wants to hear it could mean just everything! You never know what it would mean to someone if you show them a little kindness! Like, the moment a man gets on his knee and asks a women to marry him…that instant the women (no matter who it is) is going to feel like the most  wanted and beautiful women in the world! …On the other hand if a boy gives a girl a flower or candy for Valintines or for no reason.. that girl is going to remember that forever! When your parents, grandparents, or that special someone tells you they love you….nobody could forget that!! Remember not to back down from doing something kind to another person!! It could mean the world!! keep reading …..share your thoughts!!!!….Be hard Be strong .. but always BE INSPIRED!! 🙂ImageImageImage    YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IT WOULD MEAN TO SOMEBODY!!! :))) ❤



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