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Published February 16, 2012 by michaela1579

What do you think about rules?? Should the government tell us what to do? In some cases it may be ok, but in my opinion we should be able to do whatever we want to! Its our lives and we should be able to express anyway we want to! On the other hand what about home rules? Should kids be given imits? Of course, but parents need to realize they cant keep there kids on a leash for forever! I mean curfew should be before midnight….sure! but you cant control what they want to be in life! Ask there opinions on matters…let them feel heard!Some rules should be inforced. For me music!…Should kids be limited on what to listen to? I think parents should guide them, but they should’nt tell them exactly what to listen to. .. what about dress standards! I think girls shouldnt advertise what they have and they should be decent, but i dont think they should be told exacctly what to wear! Kids at some point and time are going to have to make their own decisions sometime! When? When is the limit? What are your opinions? …..Should the government take our rights! ..NO! We have certain rights! We should be able to bare arms! We deserve to live our lives! Do you think the government should have such high taxes?? umm NO! If the government would do something about the gas, healthcare, and immigrants we would be so much better off! But thats for the next blog. BE INSPIRED! stay tuned and remember to express your opinions!! They do matter! 🙂