President? or not?

Published February 16, 2012 by michaela1579

This particular blog is centered around our so called President Obama. What has he ever done to this country that made it better??? I think the more reasonable question would be to ask what has done to make our nation fall? Our healthcare is out of whack, more and more immigrants are coming here illegally, and our debt has gone up by trillions! This “President” claims to be a Christian but i seriously disagree! I mean he quotes from the koran and he said we have 52 states and no that was not a mistake! (Muslims have 52!) We can fix these problems but we need him out of office!  He is destroying the country our forefathers had worked so hard to build up! If we clean up our healthcare, protect the border, ship illegals out, we could pay off our debt! I we could drill for our ow gas we could could save BILLIONS!   Healthcare is a whole other blog!! The only thing we can do for this country is get Obama out of office and go back to our roots! A President like Ronald Reagan would be nice!….So what do you think?? ….do agree with Obama and his obamacare? ..what do you think we could do to save our great nation!! One nation Under God!! Keep reading and of course BE INSPIRED! 🙂


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